Buying guide – How to buy an above ground pool

If you’re thinking of a better way to enjoy the outdoor life, purchasing the above ground pool can be a great idea. But, this doesn’t mean that you should go out there and buy what you see. There are certain factors to consider before you buy. These factors are to ensure that you’re getting the best. Below are 5 things to consider before buying this swimming pool.


Even without a deck, pools take up a lot of space. It’s important that you check the size of your lawn. Make sure you measure the area you want to put the swimming pool. When measuring, also consider the above pool deck ( If you’re planning to have one).

If you’re targeting an above the pool of a 20 ft round and a deck of about 8ft wide, you’ll need at least 28ft inside the area. Make sure you add a few extra feet. Overall, It should be up to 35ft square for a 20ft swimming pool.


If your yard is not leveled, you may have to adjust the area to fit in your swimming pool. It is imperative that you level your land before installing an above ground pool. Or else, some sides will have more water, while the other won’t be. This will pose more pressure to one side and may end up disrupting the whole system.


The safety of above ground pools become important if you’ve got kids at home. Though they are safe, you still need to keep a close watch at the water level. Make sure you keep the water at a secure level. Then you can always do some modifications. Omit, most of these pools are safe for kids, but you should also watch them when they are in the pool.


Though the size, safety, and even price are important, checking out for the brand is imperative. There are different brands to choose. Make sure you go for a reputed brand. With this, you can get the spare parts and other accessories such as the filters and heaters. Furthermore, you can get help if you come across any issue with your swimming pool.


This generally depends on the brand of swimming pool you want to buy. A permanent set up is quite expensive. There are also types of above ground pool that can be set up and dismantled without much hassle. These types will be easier on your wallet.

Most people limit their budget to the cost of purchasing the pool. But, there is more to that. A larger sized swimming pool will need a chemical to keep it clean and free from algae. Of course, these chemicals are not cheap and you may need to add them to the pool every week. Make sure you keep this in mind when planning your budget.

The article was written by James Merchante, the author of a review site about above ground pools

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