Happy Birthday daugther

My daughter is five tomorrow! It is hard to imagine that five years have passed from the time that I began wondering whether this was really labor, or just Braxton Hicks contractions. It would have been hard to imagine for me, back then, that the squishy newborn with her nose pushed slightly to the left from being in utero and making it out, would be such a wonderful, curious, vocal, and unique being. Happy birthday, daughter!

Five years ago…

I was talking on the telephone with a friend, who was timing my contractions for me. Once they were four minutes apart, I called the midwife, who arrived a few hours later. I was in labor from the early morning through the evening, when my daughter was born after a short pushing phase.

She was tiny (though quite big for a newborn!), yet quite vocal about her needs. Because I read that cosleeping was dangerous, I “dutifully” placed her in the crib beside the big bed. When she started actually stretching her arms out toward me, and making discontent noises that were not quite crying, I picked her up and lifted her into bed with me. I never looked back! Oh, and she’s still there most nights.

And now…

My baby is a Big Girl! Five years old already! I can hardly believe how fast she grew, and how much she learned. She loves snuggling, debating, math, and playing educational games on her computer. She started first grade last month, and is thriving. She is caring but quick to stand up for herself, and I am so very proud of her.

Daughter turned from a tiny baby into a feisty toddler, and now a “big kid” seemingly overnight. Where has the time gone? Although the baby stage was sweet, and the toddler years were fascinating, I feel that I am only now really getting to know my daughter and who she really is. I feel truly grateful to have the privilege of raising her.

Tonight, she is excited and she she can’t sleep because tomorrow is her birthday. I’ll come back with some pictures of the family celebration of her birthday tomorrow, and she’ll also be having a party once all her friends come back from their holidays.