I Forgot the Brick!

Growing up, I can remember the countless times my Mother threatened to put a brick on my head.  Now granted, it may have been entirely due to the fact that my Mother stood 3’6” (and 1/4) tall on a good day, and I graduated to looking down at her during various scoldings from the age of 5… but nevertheless, I remember the saying.  Of course she never actually put a brick on my head, but I understood, even then, that it’s purpose was to stop the growing process.

Fast forward a few decades.  The Cliff Notes version being:  I had babies, I saw the country, I worked crappy dead end jobs, I grew up, I got married…precisely in that order.

Somewhere along the line… life got busy.  Christmas programs, band practice, cheer-leading tryouts, and modeling portfolios.  Before I knew what was happening, my baby was in high school!  What?!  Blink twice.  Driving permit.  Now I am not an overly religious person…but LORD!  Give me strength!  What is happening here?  Yesterday she was in Kindergarten singing “You are my Sunshine” with a paper daisy on her head!

Little J Graduated from High School back in January.  I couldn’t have been more proud.  She Graduated early, so there was no prep time for Senior pictures… and I have been promising for months to get them done.  I don’t know if part of me was secretly wanting to put this last step off as long as possible, or if life just got busy again… but yesterday, we took the pictures….