Did you ever hear of inversion chair ?

An inversion chair is a therapeutic solution to dorsopathy, in layman’s language known as back pain. This may be caused by muscles strains as a result of acute compression of the body mass on the back muscles over a long period of time, carrying or lifting heavy materials by a person such as dead lifts, exercises that may strain some ligaments and sometimes just long seats. These calls for an inverse solution thus an inversion chair, which is a unique seat that involves one sitting upside down: legs up. The inverse chair has safety straps that holds one in position. This upside position causes the gravity to actively pull ones body mass distressing the back muscles and vertebrae discs. Recently there have been a modification on office executive chair that can be converted into inversion chairs in seconds,a space saving design innovation. For more information about inversion table visit http://inversiontabledoctor.com/inversion-chair/
There are many types of inversion chairs and different manufacturer have invented different modifications. The simplest one is the yoga fitness inversion chair which is a typical cushion padded stool with an opening at the middle for head fitment and hand support on the sides. A yogi get to a head stand yoga position with his or her shoulders resting on the cushion pad, head suspending in the space between with hands supporting on the side handles for balance, this gravity actively acting on the neck all throw the back vertebrae. Evolutionhealth, SISYAMA and Heath Mark seem to be popular manufacturers with their products common in the market. For instance, the latter’s Yogacise 2 in 1 exercise bench seem to offer weight lifting as an added advantage to normal yoga.

The next type of inversion chair is the modified inversion table. In this chair, one gets into a sitting position, traps her or himself in position, the slowly adjusts the chair into a complete inversion position. This is most common in the market with manufacturers offering variety of models at competitive prices. Examples of these manufacturers are; Ironman, with its highly reviewed Ironman Fitness Gravity 400 Highest Weight Capacity inversion table, Innova Health and Fitness highly rated Innova Fitness IT×9600 and Hang Up’s Teeter EP-950 Hangup Inversion table dominating the market industry.

Then, there is the aerial inversion yoga swings, formally known as yoga hammocks. These swings can only be used by experienced persons as one needs to suspend him or herself in a way that deep stretches are achieved. However, buyers should be keen on getting these hammocks, as material used should be able to support one’s body mass effectively. UPCIRCLESEVEN, YOGABODY Naturals, Yoga Studio in UK are one of the trusted sellers of quality hammocks.

Lastly the latest model in the market is the transform inversion chair; as the name suggests it transforms from a normal office chair to a rocking chair, to a recliner and finally an inversion table, otherwise saving space. Primaloutfitters seem to be the only sellers on eBay selling the World First 4 in 1 Transform Inversion Therapy Tables having high bids in eBay of over one million US dollars.

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