Nioxin. The best shampoo against hair loss


There are different shampoo types for all hair types; fine, thick, chemically treated, thinning, natural, damaged and coloured hair. Everyone has a favourite shampoo which is mainly determined by how the shampoo works on your hair. Hair shampoos tend to work differently for different people. Nioxin shampoo is one of the most popular shampoos in the market today.

Nioxin Shampoo

Nioxin Shampoo is a shampoo that was formulated to be used by people who have thin or fine hair. The shampoo is meant to improve the health of your scalp and improve the appearance of your hair. This shampoo has been many people’s favourite product since it was introduced back in 1987.

Claims and Misconceptions

Many people who have used Nioxin shampoo claim that the shampoo aids in hair growth. The company has however not made any claims of the shampoo leading to hair growth. On the company’s website, it is stated that the product is meant for hair and scalp treatment and it is not a hair loss shampoo.


Nioxin shampoo might not be promoted as a product for hair loss but it is very effective for hair growth. This is because when used, it helps in removing sebum from the scalp. Sebum has a high content of dihydrotestosterone and testosterone which are believed to cause hair loss in men. The removal of sebum from the scalp therefore aids in hair growth for men suffering from male pattern loss of hair.

Other benefits you get from Nioxin shampoo include: it is easy to use; it is safe and natural and can be used by both genders.


There are several disadvantages you get when you choose Nioxin shampoo for your hair. First and foremost, you will have to use the shampoo for an extended period of time before you start seeing positive results. The fact that you are not allowed to use this shampoo when using minoxidil might be a disadvantage for some as well. Last but not least, you are required to keep using this product if you want to continue seeing the same results.

Types of Nioxin Shampoo

There are a number of shampoos to choose from in the Nioxin shampoo collection. The choice of shampoo will depend on your hair type; natural, relaxed, coloured, thick or thin. You have an option of getting the shampoo alone or a three piece that includes the shampoo, a rinse out conditioner and a leave in supplement. The company describes the three piece package as the systems. They have different and unique systems for all types of hair.ConclusionIn conclusion, there are many claims surrounding Nioxin shampoo. The hair growth claims are true even though the company does not say anything in regards to them. It is a great shampoo which not only clarifies your scalp but also improves the health and appearance of your hair. Many people are discouraged by the fact that they have to use the product for a while to see results but the product is worth it. It is natural, effective and great for your hair.

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