What are the amazing benefits of rowing machines ?

Rowing machines are very common and powerful machines to add to your workout routine. They are small and cheap enough to add to your personal gym, requiring very little investment for a huge return in health improvement. Their low-impact exercise is great for working out your heart and entire body, while avoiding some negative aspects of high-impact training such as joint pain and damage. Costing as low as $200 USD at times, compared to upwards of $500 for most other devices, rowing machines are a great choice for anyone looking to improve their health.

Rowing machines are great increasing your endurance. While more high-impact exercise machines may give you greater muscle mass in specific spots, rowing machines work your entire body out. When you first start using rowing machines it will likely exhaust you. However, with daily use, the entire-body workout will cause your endurance (and general energy levels) to skyrocket.

Being such a low-impact exercise, it is great for cardio as well, further increasing heart health and endurance. Rowing machines are less weight-bearing than almost any other form of exercise, even less than running which can put extreme strain on knees. The low-impact, low-weight, high-repition of rowing machines allow for great cardio and endurance increase without the weight-bearing of most other exercises.
The main reason why I suggest rowing machines to be your only personal-gym investment if need be, is that they will work out your entire body. Gripping the oars works your hands and wrists. Rowing itself develops your shoulders, upper back, lower back, biceps, pecs, and abs. Your lower half works as well, using your quads, calves, and glutes in the rowing motions.

Returning to the aforementioned low weight bearing of rowing machines, they are a great way to exercise without causing harm to your body. Many forms of exercise have hidden costs in the form of joint and muscle damage, ligament tearing and more when greater weight is involved. Rowing machines have very low weight bearing and impact, allowing countless repetitions that will work you entire body without destroying it.
Yet another benefit of this low-impact form of exercise is the effect rowing has on weight loss. The nature of the high repetitions you will be capable of doing with the machine will burn calories and absolutely melt fat away. Again, rowing avoids most of the negatives associated with other weight-loss activities. Even running may cause more health problems (such as joint pain) than rowing would.

Rowing machines also provide great reward and motivation for this exercise. They often track the “distance” you have rowed (simulating if you were rowing a boat on the water), displaying it in front of you. This is great feedback that will let you know exactly how you are doing and give you goals to achieve in each session, granting benchmarks in your progress without any effort in tracking on your end.

From the whole body and heart muscle development, to the avoidance of body damage that is often caused during exercising, hopefully you have been able to decide that the benefits from rowing machines are, indeed, right for you.

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