How to get a bigger penis ?

We have always heard reassuring sayings such as “size does not matter” and “it’s about the motion of the ocean”. However, men with smaller penises just are not convinced. According to conventional wisdom, the average penis size is about 6.5 inches. While there are many men who surpass the average, a lot of others come short of the mark. If you are unhappy with the length of your main vein, then there is hope.

Just keep in mind that most techniques may not be permanent. Beware of advertisements that promise unreasonable results in little time. Forget the ancient formulas and “scientific” miracles. The only thing that you are going to lengthen with these things are your credit card bills. There are many proven ways that you can add length and girth to your penis:

Stretching Devises

Remember reading National Geographic magazine and seeing the African ladies with the stretched necks? They achieved this by methodically adding metal rings to their necks. Over time, their necks grew longer. While penis stretchers are not worn permanently like those neck rings, the principle is the same. The device fits snuggly on the penis and adds enough tension to keep it extended. Periodically, you adjust it to stretch the penis a little more. The gradual stretching can add some noticeable length.


Some of the best techniques can be learned from primitive cultures. For centuries, there were some aboriginal tribes who tied heavy stones to their penises to get the growth they wanted. While you probably do not want to tie rocks to your manhood, there are special weights you can buy that comfortably stretch the penis over time.

Losing Weight

There are so many benefits from losing weight. You probably know that you will decrease your chances of cardiac disease and diabetes. But did you know that you can also gain nearly an inch in penis length if you lose weight? If their is excessive fat over the pubic bone, it does not give the penis as much room it needs to extend. Now you have another great reason to lose weight and get healthier!


The only way that you can add permanent length and girth to your penis is cosmetic surgery. It is a drastic measure to take; however, you can go for it if it helps your self-esteem. There are different techniques that the doctor can use. One of the way is going into the pubic area and modifying the tendons that hold the penis inside the body. He will be able to extend the penis from the loosened tendons. Another procedure involves taking fat from the thigh and injecting it into the penis to make it longer or fatter. If surgery is your final option, be sure to find an experienced doctor who is board certified. Also remember that there are always risks involved in surgery and results may not be typical.

Whatever method you choose, remember to do your research and read reviews. You may not have been blessed with the biggest tool in the box, but there are ways you can change it. If you do things right, you may get some results that will make you and your partner happier.

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