Going out

I am very fortunate to be able to go out with my husband other after having a baby. Although it did take me a while to be able to visit the cinema and enjoy a movie it was even harder  to enjoy a night out with drinks among my boyfriend and friends. Honestly I felt so much gilt leaving her behind. Not in the sense of taking her along of course!; but of simple not being for her while she slept. I knew that in order to maintain a healthy relationship, I should not let being a mother compromise with being a good partner. In order for your relationship to continue to bloom–new mothers should find balance between being a mother, working and being a lover. I’ll stop there and not even go into being a homemaker!

To be honest; I couldn’t do it. I had to get some help. Luckily, I didn’t need it for long. My help was two weeks worth of anti depressants. One day, I forgot to take them; the next day I didn’t take it either until I figured out that I didn’t need them anymore and was able to actually enjoy the date. Of course I still think about Isabella but  none of the gilt is there. It help if you know your child is being taken care by someone you  trust.


Now, I am able to actually crack a laugh when my guy friends try to “pick up girls”. It’s very neat and interesting. I wonder if anyone uses helpful services such as, how to text a girl you like in their hunt. I mean they are really good at it! The mayoralty of my friends are in their early twenties as I am– so being able to do this is very important. We all know texting has become our second language.


Since combating post-par tum depression and beating it–my social life and love life is back. I feel so blessed; having a child has been such a wonderful, challenging, experience filled with so many emotions. It’s the best!