What are the best guidelines for buying shaving machines for women?

Women body hair removal is a permanent action and recognized them all. Unlike most men, who have usually only shave their faces, women have to deal with hair growth on the legs, underarms, bikini area, face area, and other body parts.

Exist in a variety of hair removal methods such as shaving, depilatories, waxing, laser and more.

Some women choose to shave electric razor that shaving is painless and does not involve harsh chemicals. No need to wait a few weeks until the hair grows back, like a wax method.

Shaving reliable and provides anytime result almost immediately.
Many busy women prefer to invest in an electric shaver. Women’s electric shaver does not shave as close as a razor; However, cuts, wounds shaving, redness, internal growth of hair after shaving and skin irritation are reduced.

When buying an electric razor for women, should be aware of the types and features of razor for women, since this approach is markedly different wet shaving system of safety.
There are many types and models of electric shavers for women on the market, but most of the functions in one of two basic ways. There are also a variety of special features to choose.

Shaver Wet / Dry allows for the possibility of wet shaving even in the shower or bath with shaving cream, gel, cream, or foam soap, as well as the possibility of the dry shaving. Usually shaver can be completely moistened with water, if that should always read the safety instructions and manual for each product thoroughly before use. There are market shavers resistant against water but can not be used with water.

Many years of experience using an electric shaver, it is better to shave the area completely dry before entering the shower. It is also not advisable to shave immediately after showering.
It is advisable to apply body lotion after shaving. The use of an electric razor can leave the skin with a dry appearance, not nice. This problem can be easily rectified by regularly moisturizing and moisture immediately after shaving.

Means using a wet shave electric razor when legs or any other area of ​​whipped cream, shaving cream or soap.
Do not use shaving body oil, body lotion, or any other type of cream, directed the cream can clog the blades. Those steps are generally the same as using a standard safety razor and razor for use under water.

Unlike razors or disposable cartridges, the electric shaver should be cleaned regularly. Brush is usually included with a razor; Brush removes all hair and skin cells, the remaining blades after use. It may be possible to wash the head of the razor under running water. It is important to always check the cleaning instructions and maintenance of the product and ensuring safety.

Women who want to shave your legs, underarms and bikini area quickly without water or a cream, an electric shaver may be the answer. Without much preparation, if any, electric shaver simple to operate and can be used at any time, making it the perfect product last minute, or even removing hair permanently.

Many women will find ways to discover the convenience of an electric razor. Only a few minutes to shave their legs and quickly is a huge advantage. After a few weeks of practice using adaptive razor and skin, most of which use reveal that the use of an electric shaver, skin irritation disappeared, and finally reached freedom.
Perfect for trips and travel. Whether you are traveling on a trip which has a power point, or alternatively loading the razor before you leave the road, easy to travel, and the action does not require professional.
The device is suitable for everyday use.
Easy to clean.
You can use a dry cloth to wipe the blade or brush cleaning brush supplied with the device. (Note: the head of the machine can be most washing machines, but not recommended to wash, to extend the life of the machine).
You can shave on wet skin, but shaving is not going to be perfect, because wet hair clinging to the skin and makes it harder to shave.
Recommended use on dry skin before showering. If you are in a hurry to get out, you can shave quickly and then wipe the shaved area with a wet towel and then put sunscreen lotion or any other.

Important Information:
Not to be confused, this is not the kind Epilators device.

It is important to check whether the product is suitable for use in the electricity network in Israel.

If you buy sites in the US and Canada often have to purchase a transformer in the country.

I do not wash the appliance under running water or using the shower. The blades I only brush cleaner designed.

The most suitable device and groin armpits, feet and hands less.

Note: Before using for the first time electric razor, please be sure to fully charge about – 8 hours or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

You can get the electric shavers for women in various stores across the US, online sites such as Target, Wallmart, drugstore.com. (Need to buy a transformer Israel)

My razor type Panasonic ES2207P bought online database of US Target store and bought a transformer in the country.
ES2207P Panasonic shaver is considered among the five best electric shaver for women. The only disadvantage that an electric cable and therefore can not continue shaving Once the battery runs out.

The second device type Ckeyin EEBT02 (adjusted for electricity in the country) bought the site Aliexpress (Chinese site) product comes without an original box wrapped tightly in plastic bubble wrap / bubble wrap. Although written all sites Epilator type device, is not, so I bought it.
This device also received a perfect rating of 5 stars. recommended!!!
Another good machine SURKER Aliaksfrs, currently in stock price US $ 13.99.

There are small shavers and cute powered batteries / batteries not included. No power cable, easy to operate, suitable for use in staying away from home, travel, business, fitness room, for routine use, and more.
Clio Designs Palmperfect Electric Shaver in Patterns, Color and Pattern may vary
Price VAT

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